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Interview with Bonjour Limousin

In October I was asked by Kate Rose, who writes for Bonjour Limousin, if I would like to be interviewed for that on-line publication. Of course I said yes! Who doesn’t like answering questions about writing and their books?

The Interview

The questions were fun to answer too and also made me think all over again about how I had arrived as this person who became somewhat obsessed with Isabella of Angoulême. When I was chatting to Kate I mentioned that I had met someone on social media who was writing her PhD on Isabella, the Queen of England and Countess of Angoulême. And I said, ‘at last someone is taking my girl seriously,’ which made Kate laugh.

And although the interview was all about writing there was a great question to answer about an ideal day for me.

My Ideal Day…  

Non writing now. Tell me about an ideal day in the life of Erica Laine

A day that begins after a wonderful full night’s sleep! It would have to be autumn, and not too hot. First a huge coffee and then a walk in our woods with Biggles the dog. Then more coffee, some home-made muesli and fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt. This will sustain me for hours. And after that some gardening, either light pruning and planting bulbs or down and dirty gardening, getting into a hedge and sorting out brambles. A treat would be to go into Riberac in the afternoon and have a manicure, my hands are a disgrace, and to emerge with elegant nails boosts my ego. Then to the play reading group. We are eight people who have been meeting once a month for more than four years. We read an eclectic range of plays, it doesn’t matter about your age, your gender or your size, you can read any part that comes your way. Great fun and excellent inspiration for dialogues. I like cooking so home to make supper, possibly something Middle Eastern. Chicken with fennel, pastis and clementines is a favourite.  After supper, if it could be arranged, television which is entirely Gardeners’ World and University Challenge, plenty to shout about and plenty to learn!


Perhaps lots of ideal days will happen now the trilogy is finished. I am waiting for the proof of Part 3 to arrive to be checked. This is a difficult job which makes me quake. And as I wait I feel a little sad. No longer is Isabella someone to pursue in obscure journals and buried references, trying to ferret out every last detail about her life. It is a bit like stalking I suppose. But not sinister. I am still fascinated by the Lusignan family and what happened to her children after she died.

But for now I shall just keep with Isabella and hope her life and story will interest many for years to come.

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