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July Fireworks

July began with a bit of a bang for me. On the 3rd of July I was lucky enough to be given a review for Isabella of Angouleme, The Tangled Queen, Part 2 on Helen Hollick’s site, Discovering Diamonds.

Her aim is admirable. Here, she promotes good historical fiction (and all its sub-genres) and does not discriminate between how a book is produced, be it indie or traditionally published. Her aim is to be a trusted and reliable site for authors and readers alike. She, and her team, highly value their visitors and thank everyone for their support and interest.

And this is a quote from the review.

‘The author’s style is easy to read and places the reader into the minds of the players without complicating matters…As the second in a trilogy, it is not necessary to have read the first volume (though, of course, it always good to start at the beginning) as this can be read entirely on its own merit. Although there is no cliff hanger ending, I do confidently suggest that the reader will want to get hold of Volume Three. Highly recommended and a welcome new (to me) character of whom I had no knowledge whatsoever.’

And this book has been shortlisted for Book of the Month! Also I can now put the Discovered Diamond logo on my website and mention it at all times. Isabella of Angouleme is a Discovered Diamond. There I seem to have begun already… Pop over to the site and read the review.

On July 6th I was back in Brantome, talking about the power of three or writing a trilogy.

I did not set out to write a trilogy although I have always believed in the power of three. Three points are easily held by the mind, one, two, three, is valid, credible, reliable.

I like planting shrubs in groups of three, in China the three legged stool is a symbol of strength and cooperation, it can never wobble. Life has a beginning, a middle and an end. The French revolution gave us liberty, equality, fraternity.

The BookStop bookshop at Brantôme has a garden that goes down to the river and here, near the river, I spoke for about an hour to a small but very appreciative group. The talk was accompanied by frogs croaking and Brantôme Abbey bells pealing, it was very atmospheric. And everyone there bought the entire trilogy! I was delighted and exhausted for it was a very hot day indeed.

And on July 14th, Bastille Day there will be fireworks again.

  1. Fireworks

Finally in this first fortnight of July I was asked to complete a questionnaire for a history site that connects authors and their books with schools. More about that later but this was a searching questionnaire and very worthwhile spending time answering the questions.

To enthuse school children about Isabella of Angoulême will be wonderful.

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