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Reviews Are Music and Balm for a Writer’s Soul

As the autumn grows closer and deeper it is time to take stock of the year. I have managed, with help, to keep the journal entries up to date on a monthly basis. I also make sure that the Facebook page and Twitter get their fair share of attention. But I am aware that other authors have created great brand images and really put out information and publicity on a far more regular basis than I have ever done so far. It is a whole other type of energy the promoting and publicity and I am still learning.

Isabella of Angoulême, The Tangled Queen continues to be reviewed, sometimes a long time after publication. This review from the October 2019 edition of the Connexion was a lovely surprise.

Here are two lovely reviews from the Amazon Spanish site.

The Tangled Queen. A Historical Page Turner – 31 August 2019

A fascinating series about a fascinating woman, Isabella d‘Angoulême, who clearly deserves more attention than she has received in historical characterization to date. Erica Laine brilliantly portrays the joys and sorrows of a woman constantly underestimated, beset with conflicting loyalties and subjected to the political machinations of her time. Being woefully ignorant about this period of history, I have learned a lot from reading the first two in the series. And am looking forward to embarking on the third! Erica’s prose is beautifully crafted and easy to read making this series difficult to put down. Thoroughly recommendable.

Isabella gets some well-deserved attention – 16 de septiembre de 2019

I’ve read many books where Isabella is a small character mentioned only because she was Bad King John’s wife. Anyone who could have survived John had to be a very strong woman. This trilogy gives you a look into how she not only survived him but thrived after his death. She left a legacy of children who were kings, queens, and important people of history. This is a story of a woman whose life story needed to be written.

I really appreciate that last sentence, the story of a woman whose life story needed to be written. For it was that need that drove me on as I researched and wrote about her.

And a very long way away, in Australia, a top 1000 reviewer wrote this.

A Step Back in Time – 10 September 2019

I love immersing myself in English history, especially well-written historical fiction, but most of my reading has been of the Tudors. Thanks to this novel, the first of a trilogy, I have a much better idea of the history surrounding Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart and King John. When young Isabella of Angoulême enters the scene, historical facts become even more intriguing than any fictional imaginings. I’m delighted that this is the first in The Tangled Queen series as I’m not ready to bid farewell to Isabella just yet.

XIR158138 Tomb of Isabel of Angouleme, Queen of England and wife of King John (1186-1246) (stone) (b/w photo) by French School, (13th century) stone Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault (Fontevraud), France French, out of copyright

I have had to bid farewell to Isabella, but I still read all I can about her. And then there are her children, one or two of them so important in the history of England. Her youngest child with John, Eleanor, married to Simon de Montfort and a tangled countess if not a queen. Her brother Henry III and her husband Simon, friends and enemies, enemies and friends, and England caught up in their struggles for power. An excellent biography has been written about Eleanor de Montfort, now someone needs to write her story!

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